Motor :500W
Battery : 48V 14.5Ah
Max speed : 35km
Distance : 50-60km
Wheel Size : 26inch
Brands : Lankeleisi

LANKELEISI XT750 Sport Version

Folding Electric Mountain Bike

It has excellent abrasion resistance, stronger grip, low resistance, and incredible slip resistance. It is very suitable for cycling on city roads, mountains, snow, beaches and other terrain.

Technical Specifications
What Makes the XT750 Sports Version Best in Class?

26inch integrated wheel

Reliable and robust,Make your riding in the city/mouantian more comfortable.

500W rear brushless motor

The motor uses a permanent magnet stator instead of mechanical communication and brushes to reduce friction loss and increase speed. Equipped with variable frequency speed regulation system and adaptive power frequency, it can maintain horsepower when running at light load or high speed.

LED smart waterproof display

Equipped with an LED multi-function display, allowing you to access advanced settings. You can control your speed settings or develop walking assistance. 5 All information about PAS settings, speed, battery power and mileage. The LED display ensures that you can easily read statistics.