An insight to electric Scooters

Electric scooters are scooters that are powered by an electric motor instead of a petrol engine or paddle. Electric scooters are slowly becoming popular and more efficient. In recent years, electric scooters have slowly improved in their quality, workings, and build cost.

The average global electric scooter market was estimated to be around 18.9 billion Euro in 2019. This figure is expected to rise to at least 41 billion euros by the end of this decade – a whopping 211% increase. Why? Many positive reasons like no high vehicle cost, no carbon emissions, no traffic jams, no problem finding parking, and many other reasons I can mention.

Nowadays, you can find a good electric scooter for less than one-tenth of the price of an average car. Electric scooters and lightweight folding bicycles are the future for commuting.

–  by Jason Smith